Labour appoints new W Mids deputy director

Harry Taylor Labour has appointed Harry Taylor as its new deputy Regional Director for the West Midlands, to assist Director Fadel Takrouri in the task of bringing the local party into line with the vision of Labour’s leadership and members. Taylor is currently deputy leader of Shrewsbury Council. Regional office staff were informed this afternoon. […]

W Mids Labour staffer who ‘rigged’ candidate interview still in place for selections

Evidence obtained by the SKWAWKBOX showing the ‘rigging’ of a council candidate’s interview illustrates the extent to which Labour’s previous administration in the West Midlands was in thrall to some of the region’s most right-wing MPs. Late last year, a councillor in the region was interviewed for the ‘panel’ – the list of approved applicants […]

FBU conference unanimously endorses mandatory reselection

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) unanimously passed a resolution calling for mandatory reselection (MR) – whereby all Labour MPs will need to have their selection reconfirmed before each general election instead receiving an effective ‘free pass’ via the current complicated and easily stacked ‘trigger ballot’ system – at its June annual conference in Brighton this […]

Breaking: Labour appoints Fadel Takrouri as new W Mids regional director

Fadel Takrouri Labour has appointed highly-regarded, UK-based Palestinian Fadel Takrouri, chair of the British Arab Federation and well known to excellent Labour MPs such as Grahame Morris, as the new regional director for the West Midlands. Coventry-based Takrouri, who still has family in Palestine, is considered a solid and extremely capable left-winger. In breaking news, […]