As SKWAWKBOX predicted, DUP set to bring down May for own ‘backstop’ purposes

Last week the SKWAWKBOX predicted that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), whose unwholesome ‘confidence and supply arrangement’ deal has been shoring up the Tory government since last year, was planning to sabotage any hope clung to by Theresa May of a deal based on a ‘backstop‘ plan for the issue of the Northern Irish border […]

Phillips’, Hodges’ zero self-awareness with May ‘knife’ condemnation

Comment Commentators have been getting worked up about the unpleasant language allegedly used by Tory MPs to described the likely fate of failing and flailing PM Theresa May. Mps have reportedly talked about ‘heating a knife’ in readiness for bringing an end to her tenure and have said that she should ‘bring her own noose’ […]

DUP moves goalposts to scupper Brexit deal – and the Good Friday Agreement

Comment The latest announcement by the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) suggests that the Northern Irish party and its ten MPs are looking for any excuse to defeat Theresa May’s attempts to find a Brexit deal. EuroNews NBC’s political editor responded to comments by DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds by pointing out that the DUP is […]

SNP finally denies ‘IndyRef2 for abstention’ deal – almost – and blames Galloway

SNP – pointing a finger at Galloway Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX reported on the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) 24-hour-plus failure to deny reports that Theresa May offered SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon a deal when the two met on Monday: abstentions by SNP MPs in the vote on the UK’s final Brexit deal with the EU, […]

EU: Corbyn’s Brexit plan was right all along

Comment In February this year, Jeremy Corbyn gave a major speech on Labour’s Brexit stance in which he announced that Labour, in government, would look to agree ‘a customs union’ with the EU. Corbyn was derided by both centrists and right-wingers, who fell over themselves to rubbish the idea. The BBC even arranged a company […]

Austerity ‘over’ – but huge nos of low-income families are about to lose £200 a month

DWP Secretary Esther ‘McVile’ At the Tory conference this week, after lurching onto the stage to a tune the Tories had almost certainly used without permission, Theresa May promised an end to austerity – again. She promised the same last year, just after the general election. But this time she reallyreallyreally means it, allegedly. But […]

BBC refuses to comment on its and Kuenssberg’s lack of conference-speech balance

When Theresa May lurched onto the stage yesterday to begin her closing speech at the Tories’ conference, the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg seemed a bit excited: She proceeded to put out a series of tweets about the speech – and writer Thomas Pride noticed a certain contrast with the BBC’s reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s […]

Today May promised to end austerity. Just like she promised SIXTEEN months ago

In her closing speech to the Tories’ conference today – that it wasn’t as bad as last year’s car-crash seems to be the most that can be claimed for it – Theresa May promised an end to austerity. Again. Amid the ‘jingo bingo’, the attempts to sound like Thatcher and the shamelessness, Mrs May made […]

Labour again schools Tories on social media with #YearOfMayhem Twitter response to lame-duck speech

As Theresa May skittered away from the Tories’ conference, thanking her lucky stars she could let her mouthpieces claim her dreary, lame-duck closing speech was a success because it wasn’t the car-crash we saw in 2017, Labour’s Twitter account instantly reminded everyone how bad the Conservatives are on social media – with a reminder of […]

Tories suffer another conference wording malfunction

Last year, Theresa May’s conference appearance was an unmitigated disaster, with a coughing fit that wouldn’t stop, a spoof P45 handed to her mid-speech, lines lifted straight from the West Wing and, most famously, the letters that dropped off the slogan behind her that said – originally and pricelessly – ‘Building a country that works for everyone‘. […]