UK’s NATO letter re Salisbury/Russia betrays flimsy case, contradicts earlier claims

The mainstream media have generally attempted to spin the OPCW’s (Office for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) equivocal support for Porton Down’s analysis of the toxin used in the Salisbury attack as if it proves the government’s case against Russia. Only the report’s executive summary has been released to the public – and that does […]

Skripal-Caruana-Malta-CA connection holes govt’s ‘only plausible suspect’ claim below waterline

Russia still considered prime suspect Sergei Skripal and Maltese journalist Caruana Galizia both investigating Cambridge Analytica/SCL Both Sergei and Yulia Skripal have connections with Malta Russian whistleblower – and Caruana contact – Maria Efimova handed herself in to Greek police on hearing of Skripal attack, in spite of warrants for her arrest and risk of […]

Wolfson chastises Times over latest membership/antisemitism fake news

A Jewish Labour NEC (National Executive Committee) member has chastised the Times for fake news linking a supposed membership slump to recent trumped-up antisemitism claims by hostile organisations. The Times’ Twitter account tweeted that 17,000 members have left the party over the last three months, but was corrected in a tweet by Rhea Wolfson: The […]

Times claims 19% Lab members recognise antisemitism. Their own numbers say 96%

On Friday, the Times’ Sam Coates put out a series of tweets about the supposed ‘Labour antisemitism problem’ – an angle the ‘MSM’ continues to push in spite of clear evidence to the contrary – to tout an article by Coates and Lucy Fisher claiming Corbyn is ‘failing to tackle antisemitism’. The clear evidence to […]

Murdoch’s ludicrous front page – April Fool or just taking you for mugs?

Rupert Murdoch’s The Times has celebrated the first of April with a front-page that surely has to be a jolly jape in celebration of the ancient tradition of ‘April Fool’. Surely even the sister-paper to the S*n couldn’t prepare such obvious nonsense in seriousness – a claim that Facebook groups that are not controlled by Labour […]