McDonnell rallies Labour supporters to oppose Robinson march

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called on “all Labour members and anyone who cares about the future of our country” to join a Momentum demonstration to oppose far-right activist Tommy Robinson, who intends to lead a march in London on Sunday 9 December. it doesn’t matter whether you voted leave or remain, Tommy Robinson doesn’t […]

Trussell Trust: govt failing to ‘manage’ migration to Universal Credit in any sense

Esther McVey On Monday, DWP Secretary Esther McVey created outrage with a ‘full Trump‘ series of claims about the supposed endorsement by charities of the government’s changes to the Universal Credit system that has blighted the lives of millions and is set to create even further hardship as its roll-out continues. All the charities involved […]

McVey didn’t misrepresent only Mind on Monday. She went full Trump with her charity quotes

McVey: going full Trump (image by @UKDemockery) On Monday, Esther McVey reeled off a list of charities and their comments, which she treated as praise for the DWP’s plans for Universal Credit (UC): Her comments were a litany of misrepresentation – and triggered a scramble by charities to distance themselves from her and her claims […]

KKK protest outside Northern Ireland Islamic centre

Men dressed in KKK outfits, including hoods and crosses, have gathered outside an Islamic centre in the Newtownards area of Northern Ireland. A local woman, who took pictures of the men, told BBC Northern Ireland: SKWAWKBOX comment: As many have observed since the election of a right-wing extremist in Brazil last night, the far right […]

Orthodox activist’s unpublished statement to Jewish Chronicle: “Jeremy is a long friend to our community”

Shraga Stern is a prominent Charedi (Orthodox) Jewish activist in London who was one of the organisers of a letter from twenty-nine leading Orthodox rabbis in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The letter went viral last week, triggering an immediate attack on its credibility in the pro-Israel media and by the Labour right, with […]

Manafort worked with Israel to ‘concoct’ antisemitism smear against opposition leader

The decision of former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort to cooperate with the investigation into alleged interference by Russia in the US election campaign has led to a remarkable revelation that has been flagged by leading US journalists. Deputy Washington editor of the New York Times, Jonathan Weisman, tweeted last night to highlight the fact […]

Bannon’s revealing off-mic outburst

Steve Bannon (image DaTechGuyBlog creative commons) Hard-right former Trump aide Steve Bannon has been interviewed a number of times this weekend by friendly faces such as his old pal Nigel Farage. But his composure cracked when he faced even the modest challenge of being ‘called out’ for supporting far-right law-breaker Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson). […]

Video: the full Corbyn speech the BBC wouldn’t broadcast

Yesterday, a huge crowd – police told Labour personnel they estimated a quarter of a million people – marched in London to protest against the visit of Donald Trump to the UK and in favour of decency, tolerance and solidarity. Jeremy Corbyn was the headline speaker to the mass audience assembled in Trafalgar Square, but […]

Video: Trump dismissal of recording of himself as fake news only underlines May’s trouble

Donald Trump’s flexible relationship with reality continued today during a joint press conference with Theresa May. Asked about his ‘change of tune’ about Theresa May’s lack of competence over Brexit and his opinion that her new approach would ‘kill’ any prospect of a US-UK trade deal, he dismissed it as ‘fake news’ – even though […]

Live feed of London anti-Trump march – vast before it’s even scheduled to start

Live feed of today’s anti-Trump march can be seen below – and it’s enormous, with half an hour to go before it’s even scheduled to begin: The BBC has shown a few desultory images and clips so far that focus on the ‘Trump baby’ balloon and don’t portray a hundredth of the scale, so share […]