LAAS ‘troll’ group ‘data breach’: named/shamed NEC member for asking email-list removal

The faux-Labour group ‘Labour Against Antisemitism’ – which in spite of its name has no standing with the Labour Party and which has frequently been accused of vindictive trolling on social media – was exposed this week sending unsolicited emails to CLP (constituency Labour party) secretaries in an apparent breach of data protection laws. The […]

The lovely folks at Sussex Friends of Israel might not want this to go viral

The ‘Sussex Friends of Israel’ Twitter account is full of bile against Jeremy Corbyn. You have to scroll a long way down its Twitter feed as of this moment to find a tweet that isn’t directly about the Labour leader – and even then, it looks indirectly about him. The politics of its comments are not hard […]

Margaret Hodge denies expressing regret. Formby: Chief Whip says twice that she did

Margaret Hodge (image: Wikimedia Commons) Labour MP Margaret Hodge has tweeted a letter from her lawyers to the Labour Party which denies that she expressed any regret for her behaviour toward Jeremy Corbyn. A letter sent by Labour general secretary Jennie Formby flatly contradicts Ms Hodge’s claim – and also states that Hodge received a […]

Azim on ‘mental health slur’ anger: ‘crank’ is common among ‘young high profile activists’

On Wednesday, LabourList published an article under the inflammatory, “The real battle for Labour’s soul? Lansmanites vs Cranks” As an article, its aim is fairly transparent – and it is not to promote unity among the Labour left. It has lazy and unevidenced assumptions in abundance and dismisses people on the wrong side of her […]

Mandatory selection set to pass conference with Unite backing

As the SKWAWKBOX reported yesterday, Unite insiders – one of the UK’s and Labour’s largest unions – say that the union is set to get firmly behind changes to party rules to bring in ‘mandatory reselection’ (MR) of Labour MPs. Activists, along with MPs such as Chris Williamson, have been campaigning for the change to […]

Hodges wrong again as he gets owned by ‘recognised representative of the Jewish community’

‘Journalist’ Dan Hodges has an unmatched track record in getting it wrong, as author Alex Nunns has hilariously pointed out. But on Sunday he set a trap for himself that was so beautifully sprung by the person he was attempting to belittle that Nunns himself had to concede he had been outdone in terms of […]

#ResignWatson reaches no.1 trending spot

Last week’s huge #WeAreCorbyn social media campaign, which reached number one position in Twitter’s worldwide trends last week as the Labour leader’s supporters came out in a show of solidarity, has been followed by tonight’s #ResignWatson hashtag. The call on Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson to resign occupied the UK number one trending spot on […]

Watson told LOTO: give me a better conference slot or I step up criticism

  Tom Watson Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, who this evening is the subject of a #ResignWatson ‘Twitter storm’, gave an interview to the Observer, published today, in which he attacks the party, its electability and its disciplinary processes. In the days before the interview appeared, Watson issued the party with a demand for an […]

Outraged Labour members call #ResignWatson from 7pm tonight

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has appeared in the Observer to brand Labour ‘shamed and embarrassed’, claiming the party will be “unfit for government, unless it calls an immediate halt to damaging arguments over antisemitism” – yet in his self-serving article he has, of course, perpetuated the argument. Tom Watson Members on social media have been […]

JVL attacks ‘manufactured outrage’ over timing of Corbyn article – and why

Jeremy Corbyn’s landmark ‘op-ed’ piece in the Guardian has been widely praised for addressing the fears of Jewish people about antisemitism and for its firm commitment to deal with the issue – including an unequivocal confirmation that any Labour members expressing antisemitic views do not speak for him. Corbyn has, of course, frequently made that […]