Video: Newsnight ‘fails’ yet again with astonishing display of undisguised bias

BBC ‘balance’ – two Tories and a centrist. But worse was to come. Last night, Newsnight misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn three times and failed to correct its claims even though contacted by the Labour Party during the programme. But that was far from its only ‘failure’. In an astonishing display of bias, Tory MP Dominic Grieve […]

Umunna’s “people’s vote” enthusiasm adds new dimension to term ‘flip-flop’

Opinion Chuka Umunna on friendly terms with Tory MP Anna Soubry during Saturday’s PV march Centrist MP Chuka Umunna has been praised by the “People’s Vote” campaign for his ‘power’ and ‘brilliance’ in his statements about a second vote on leaving the European Unions and has acted as a regular mouthpiece to drum up support […]

EU: Corbyn’s Brexit plan was right all along

Comment In February this year, Jeremy Corbyn gave a major speech on Labour’s Brexit stance in which he announced that Labour, in government, would look to agree ‘a customs union’ with the EU. Corbyn was derided by both centrists and right-wingers, who fell over themselves to rubbish the idea. The BBC even arranged a company […]

Video: McCluskey lays into Hodge and Umunna in lauded conference speech

Unite General Secretary had strong words for two Labour MPs during his conference speech today in Liverpool – and it raised the roof among delegates. McCluskey was uncompromising when he touched on the behaviour of Barking MP Margaret Hodge – described as ‘indirect criticism’ by the mainstream media but there was nothing obtuse about it […]

Leading BAME MPs slam Umunna’s exploitation of racism

At the weekend, right-wing Labour back-bencher Chuka Umunna, perhaps rattled by the visit of his well-known and popular colleague Chris Williamson’s ‘Democracy Roadshow’ to his constituency a few days before, followed up his ‘dogs’ attack on Labour’s pro-Corbyn membership majority by telling broadcasters that Labour is ‘institutionally racist’. The comments have been widely interpreted as […]

Video: outraged McDonnell’s blistering take-down of Umunna over ‘dogs’ snidery

John McDonnell’s anger and disgust were unmistakable Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is usually a model of restraint during TV interviews, even when asked about the nonsense frequently perpetrated by the Labour right toward party leader Jeremy Corbyn or his supporters. But arch-‘centrist’ Chuka Umunna’s attack on members, during which he called on Corbyn to ‘call […]

Video: Umunna ‘flexible’ on Labour antisemitism – from ‘seen none’ to ‘beyond doubt’

Right-wing Labour MP Chuka Umunna was criticised earlier last week by Unite boss Len McCluskey, who attacked Umunna’s “paucity of evidence” for the “institutional antisemitism” Umunna had alleged in an article for the Independent. Umunna wrote: The Macpherson Report defined institutional racism as “the collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional […]

Video: BBC calls centrist Umunna a Tory MP. Takes a while for the penny to drop..

‘Tory’ MP Chuka Umunna. Er… Centrist Labour MP Chuka Umunna appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics show today to talk about Brexit. During a ‘deal/no-deal’ segment, the presenter referred to him as part of ‘another bunch of Tory MPs’. It seemed to take a while for the penny to drop: Comment: None needed. The SKWAWKBOX […]

Excl: leaked Formby email’s barb for 3 MPs over code of conduct criticism

Over the past week or so, a number of Labour MPs have taken to mainstream or social media to attack Labour’s new code of conduct on antisemitism, claiming – incorrectly – that it waters down the ‘IHRA working definition’. Among them have been centrists Chuka Umunna and Anna Turley, as well as Shadow Brexit Secretary […]

Today will expose those using Brexit merely as a political stick

  Who’s cynically using Brexit as a political baseball bat? Yesterday was a disastrous and humiliating day for Labour back-bench agitators and FBPE-hashtaggers, as the Tory ‘rebels’ on whom they publicly pinned their hopes accepted a transparently-false compromise from the government. Theresa May promised things she knows she can’t deliver – and the ‘rebels’ have […]