Spellar recorded shouting ‘abuse’ at blind delegate

John Spellar Labour and Labour First MP John Spellar has been recorded insulting Momentum members – saying that even the term ‘Momentum member’ is an insult – and blocked delegates in 2017 saying it was unacceptable to have Momentum members ‘flooding’ the party’s conference. Spellar was said to have ‘ranted‘ when he was not name-checked […]

Major counter-demo against fascist march in Liverpool next weekend

Merseyside Together Against Racism and Fascism is calling on all opponents of the far right to gather for a counter-demonstration against neonazis planning to march in Liverpool. The demonstration, coordinated by Labour left and antifascist stalwart Alan Gibbons, who spoke on the subject at a The World Transformed event alongside Labour’s conference in Liverpool last month, […]

CWU, Unison add their support to Drakeford’s Welsh leadership campaign

Mark Drakeford The campaign of left-winger Mark Drakeford for the leadership of the Welsh Labour Party continues to build impetus. Hot on the heels of endorsements by Unite and South Wales NUM, the CWU and Unison unions have also declared their support. With the switch to OMOV (one member, one vote) from the old ‘electoral […]

Drakeford gains Unite and NUM S Wales endorsements for Welsh Labour leader

Mark Drakeford, who last week launched his campaign for the Welsh Labour leadership with a statement of socialist solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn, has made a strong start to his campaign, winning two key union endorsements. Drakeford’s endorsement by Unite has been confirmed this evening, with congratulations tweeted by Welsh regional secretary Peter Hughes, general secretary […]

Right’s latest attack on Williamson is a naked attempt to divide the movement

Comment Derby North MP Chris Williamson and this blog stand on opposite sides of the ‘open selection’ debate. Williamson has pressed vocally for open selection – a policy of automatically having a selection process to determine the Labour candidate in every seat, every time there is an election. The SKWAWKBOX originally welcomed the idea but saw […]

Coyne v Unite judgment: a litany of humiliation for ‘improper’ right-winger

Gerard Coyne, former leadership challenger whose legal case against Unite has been thrown out As the SKWAWKBOX broke on Friday, Gerard Coyne’s legal challenge to the result of last year’s Unite general secretary election failed utterly – as the SKWAWKBOX predicted nine months ago – when the Certification Officer, retired judge Jeffrey Burke, struck down all […]

Breaking: complete victory for Unite and McCluskey as Coyne case thrown out in full

In breaking news, Gerard Coyne’s complaint against Unite and Len McCluskey over the conduct of last year’s contest for the union’s general secretary position has been thrown out in full, in what union sources have described as a ‘complete victory’ for McCluskey. The SKWAWKBOX has covered the case at length, exposing the weakness of Coyne’s […]

Exclusive: Unite has already endorsed first affirmative-ballot selection candidate

The dust has barely settled on the decision of Labour conference delegates to approve a new, easier process for Labour members to have a selection process and elect a new parliamentary candidate – and already one of Labour’s most staunchly pro-Corbyn unions has moved to help members make use of the new rules. The SKWAWKBOX […]

#Lab18 lessons: reports of death of Corbyn project turned out to be ‘greatly exaggerated’

Author Mark Twain is said to have quipped that ‘reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’. The same can certainly be said of the ‘Corbyn project’ over the last week or so. In the run-up to Labour’s annual conference, which ended today, some left-wing commentators were predicting the end of ‘the project’ – linking […]

Democracy arrives as Welsh Labour goes OMOV – full voting breakdown

Welsh Labour has ‘gone OMOV’ (one member one vote) for the election of its leader, after conference delegates in Cardiff voted with an overall 64.1% in favour (weighted percentages). 35.9% voted in favour of a revised ‘electoral college’ (EC) system. The detailed voting breakdown was as follows: Party units: 43.35% OMOV and 6.75% EC Affiliates: […]