Juncker ‘denies’ mocking Maybot dance (video). Kind of

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker appeared to mock Theresa May’s embarrassing attempt at dancing last week at the Conservative party conference when he performed a similar ‘dance’ at the podium as he prepared to give a speech to the ‘Committee of the Regions’: Mr Juncker’s spokesman declined to provide a direct response to a media enquiry, […]

Labour: ‘Enfield council leader investigation NOT abandoned’

The SKWAWKBOX has carried a series of exclusives on the Enfield council selections scandal, where Council leader Nesil Caliskan has been at the centre of an investigation by the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) into the ‘irregularities’ that occurred during the selection process to elect Labour candidates, including the deselection of all black candidates. Nesil Caliskan The beneficiaries of these […]

Labour again schools Tories on social media with #YearOfMayhem Twitter response to lame-duck speech

As Theresa May skittered away from the Tories’ conference, thanking her lucky stars she could let her mouthpieces claim her dreary, lame-duck closing speech was a success because it wasn’t the car-crash we saw in 2017, Labour’s Twitter account instantly reminded everyone how bad the Conservatives are on social media – with a reminder of […]

Rattled Establishment going after maker of Labour’s groundbreaking broadcast

A few days ago, just after Labour’s annual conference closed in Liverpool, the party put out a groundbreaking and hugely powerful ‘PPB’ (party political broadcast) that shook the whole ‘Westminster media bubble’ and caused even many of Labour’s opponents and critics to start talking in grudgingly glowing terms about ‘that video’. Tory minister Liz Truss […]

Video: Labour’s powerful new broadcast speaks human – and it’s no wonder

The steep change in the quality and accessibility of Labour’s ‘party political broadcasts’ (PPBs) since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader has been unmissable. And it’s no wonder, since the party now stands for something clear, something for which there’s a huge appetite among our people – and it’s driven by people who […]

#Lab18 lessons: reports of death of Corbyn project turned out to be ‘greatly exaggerated’

Author Mark Twain is said to have quipped that ‘reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’. The same can certainly be said of the ‘Corbyn project’ over the last week or so. In the run-up to Labour’s annual conference, which ended today, some left-wing commentators were predicting the end of ‘the project’ – linking […]

Full story: Luciana B had no protection IN #Lab18. No response why record not put straight

Luciana Berger The right-wing media and Labour’s opponents have been pushing a story that Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger has required police protection in Labour’s conference in Liverpool this week. The claim has been that this is a sad commentary on the state of the Labour Party and that this supports claims that the party […]

Video: McCluskey lays into Hodge and Umunna in lauded conference speech

Unite General Secretary had strong words for two Labour MPs during his conference speech today in Liverpool – and it raised the roof among delegates. McCluskey was uncompromising when he touched on the behaviour of Barking MP Margaret Hodge – described as ‘indirect criticism’ by the mainstream media but there was nothing obtuse about it […]

SKWAWKBOX continues making a splash. Please support if you can

The SKWAWKBOX continues to have a substantial impact on the UK’s political narrative and on the information available to the left and the wider public – in many cases bringing information that would not be available elsewhere. The effectiveness and importance of that information can be seen in further Establishment attempts to restrict its circulation […]

Video: May lies about AggregateIQ undeclared-meeting PMQ – and dodges it again

May’s discomfort at Deirdre Brock’s AIQ question Theresa May’s dire performance at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) has drawn plenty of comment – if your best weapon is a smear by Chuka Umunna, it’s clear you’re in trouble. But one scene that hasn’t seen much attention is the question asked of May by SNP […]