Astonishingly crass #PeoplesVote (trigger warning) exposes the campaign’s Blairite core

Comment The ‘People’s Vote’ anti-Brexit campaign let slip something of its Blairite nature in one of the advertising posters it is using in preparation for its march today. The campaign has seen the likes of the dire Chris Leslie and the awful Anna Soubry getting very chummy and is backed, among others, Chuka Umunna, who […]

Hodges’ latest fail even more vile than usual

Right-wing Corbyn-obsessive and Mail ‘journalist’ Dan Hodges has a remarkable history of ‘self-ownage’ and an ability to be uniformly wrong that can only be considered impressive. However, while his ‘fails’ are often amusing even when he attempts to be offensive, his effort this week was a demonstration of unpleasantness without even the mitigation of being […]

Mail’s disgrace: front-page Gaza Corbyn attack is fiction

The Daily Mail’s front page for tomorrow is a fiction, as the rag stoops to such depths in its desperation to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that it features an almost full-page misrepresentation of the deaths of forty-seven people in order to smear him: The Mail’s headline claims the picture is of Corbyn laying a […]

The day the media attacked a dead Jewish man, Corbyn defended. His critics now were silent – and one piled on

In 2013, when Ed Miliband was leader of the Labour Party, the Daily Mail launched a shameful attack on his late father Ralph – and of course by proxy on Ed Miliband himself – calling him “The man who hated Britain“. Ralph Miliband was a Jewish refugee from the nazis who became a key figure […]

Austin raises Labour morale with hint at intention to leave

Soon to be ex-Labour MP Ian Austin? Right-wing Labour MP Ian Austin, currently the subject of at least two formal complaints for alleged aggression and abuse toward parliamentary colleagues and accused by author Michael Rosen of a ‘full frontal assault’ on Rosen’s testimony to MPs about antisemitism, seems to be going for broke on social […]

Hunt’s ‘Happy 70th’ to NHS is restricted treatments – and the anguish they will cause

Worst Health Secretary in history,  Jeremy Hunt has presided over – most NHS workers and activists would say caused – the deepest crisis in the history of the nation’s greatest treasure.  Waiting times, ambulance waits and cancelled operations are now routine at levels that were previously almost unknown even at the height of winter crises. […]

Cruelty to rape victims and their children – Tories force almost 200 women claimants to ‘prove’ rape

Shocking figures released by HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) today have revealed that 190 women were forced to fill in forms under the Tory government’s ‘rape clause’ legislation to ‘prove’ they became pregnant through rape. Government rules now only pay child benefit for a woman’s first two children – unless she can prove that a […]

Excl: protesters’ vile behaviour to #LabourLive-goers

  A tweet critical of the protesters and their claims. The reality of the ‘protest’ at last Saturday’s LabourLive event has begun to percolate into the wider awareness after evidence challenged protesters’ claims to have been ‘ejected’ from the event – and the facts about the Tory-funded, Mandelson-hosted organisation involved came to light. But more […]

Two Tory MPs BLOCK legislation to make upskirting illegal

Tory MPs Philip Davies, left, and Christopher Chope Tory MP Philip Davies has a reputation for filibustering – talking interminably – to try to block legislation intended to help or protect women. He has twice done so – unsuccessfully – to block legislation against domestic violence. Davies was also accused of ‘shameful and appalling behaviour’ […]

Suspended McKenzie’s vile social media history continues to emerge

As right-wing, male Labour MPs attempt to defend the indefensible – the hideous tweets about the murder and gang-rape of a female Labour front-bencher by now-suspended Lewisham East party chair and Labour campaign secretary Ian McKenzie – and even socialise with him in Parliament, their members have begun to take them to task. But McKenzie’s […]