Video: 2.5 of the most devastating Corbyn minutes you’ll see until, oh, say #20XX

Theresa May’s face as MPs howl with laughter at her ‘smooth and orderly’ Brexit claim Theresa May suffered further abject humiliation in the Commons this morning when, as she tried to deliver her speech on the dismal deal she has ‘achieved’ with the EU in the wake of multiple resignations from her government, she was […]

Umunna’s “people’s vote” enthusiasm adds new dimension to term ‘flip-flop’

Opinion Chuka Umunna on friendly terms with Tory MP Anna Soubry during Saturday’s PV march Centrist MP Chuka Umunna has been praised by the “People’s Vote” campaign for his ‘power’ and ‘brilliance’ in his statements about a second vote on leaving the European Unions and has acted as a regular mouthpiece to drum up support […]

Enfield N ‘ploy’ to rule out Ryan no-confidence motion fails

As the SKWAWKBOX published exclusively on Sunday, members of Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party) tabled a motion of no confidence in their MP, Joan Ryan, accusing her of making false accusations of antisemitism and bringing the party into disrepute. Ms Ryan publicly dismissed the motion, which was to be debated at tomorrow’s CLP meeting, […]

Javid folds like a deck of cards with mealy-mouthed ‘denial’ retraction

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been widely lambasted on social media for a ludicrously libellous tweet implying that Jeremy Corbyn encourages Holocaust denial. Within an hour of news filtering out that Corbyn had pushed back, Javid had folded like a collapsing deck of cards, issuing this tweet: Javid’s tweet does not state exactly what he […]

Remarkable video – Merkel’s face tells story as May blocks press question re #ChequersDeal

Theresa May is clearly desperate to preserve any remaining shred of credibility she can cling to – but this evening her desperate attempt to do so gave away the game and showed there is none. May was speaking at a press conference at the Balkans Summit in London, alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, when a […]

May tried to bribe Davis with Johnson’s job not to resign – even screwed that up

May’s government – incompetent from top to toe David Davis’ resignation as Brexit Secretary last night exposed the absolute chaos of Theresa May’s Brexit incompetence and triggered the eventual resignation – no doubt after due consideration of what would be best for his career – as Foreign Secretary of Boris Johnson. May is now receiving […]

Raab new Brexit Secretary. Twitter: ‘One t**t out, one t**t in’

David Davis’ resignation last night as Brexit Secretary seems to have presented Theresa May with a quandary – how to find someone just as hapless to take his place. Readers could be excused for thinking that finding an incompetent replacement for a Tory minister would be as easy as finding turds in a septic tank, […]

#WheresBoris? Johnson AWOL for Heathrow vote exposes May weakness again

  If looks could kill – but May’s weakness is exposed yet again by Johnson The media are widely reporting that Foreign Secretary and former London mayor Boris Johnson is ‘ducking’ a key vote takes place on the expansion of Heathrow airport. So great is his cowardice that he has even flown to Afghanistan to […]

Tory ‘rebels’ sided with govt – for a ‘concession’ the govt had to do anyway

The Tory so-called ‘rebels’ – again – accepted a government compromise or concession today and decided – again – not to actually rebel, handing Theresa May a free pass to make any deal with the EU without MPs having a vote on it. So much for ‘taking back control’. So much for months of centrist […]

Children forcibly injected with psych-drugs under Trump immigration regime

A report by the US Center for Investigative Reporting has revealed that, according to federal court filings on behalf of children and families, holding centres for children who have been stripped from their parent have been forcibly injecting children with high doses of powerful, dangerous anti-psychotic and psychotropic medications. The substances used have caused disorientation, fatigue, […]