Ally of right-wing council leader to be charged over ‘hate-crime’

Sandwell councillor Bob Piper Senior Sandwell councillor Bob Piper has confirmed that he is to be charged by West Midlands Police (WMP) in connection with an alleged ‘hate-crime’ involving nazi-related words or gestures toward a local blogger – but claims that they were aimed at a ‘For Britain’ supporter instead. Locals told the SKWAWKBOX that […]

Labour appoints new W Mids deputy director

Harry Taylor Labour has appointed Harry Taylor as its new deputy Regional Director for the West Midlands, to assist Director Fadel Takrouri in the task of bringing the local party into line with the vision of Labour’s leadership and members. Taylor is currently deputy leader of Shrewsbury Council. Regional office staff were informed this afternoon. […]

Excl: chief whip’s full ‘warning’ and ‘reprimand’ letter to Austin – multiple ‘abuse’ cases

The mainstream media reported yesterday that an investigation into Dudley’s right-wing Labour MP over allegations of abusive behaviour had been ‘dropped’. Austin himself announced the party had decided ‘no further action’ – and used the opportunity to criticise the party and to claim it should not have been investigating ‘people like me‘. However, as the […]

Excl: Austin case not ‘dropped’ by Labour as MSM claim. Formal reprimand and warning issued

Ian Austin, the right-wing Labour MP for Dudley, put out tweets on Tuesday afternoon that the Labour Party was closing an investigation into complaints against him for his behaviour – reportedly toward fellow MPs Chris Williamson and party chair Ian Lavery – and that ‘no further action would be taken’: Austin combined his announcement with […]

Council leader Eling denies banging stick at female councillor, Chief whip refused to discuss

Sandwell council leader Steve Eling Sandwell council leader Steve Eling has been at the centre of long-running controversy in the West Midlands borough, including accusations of vicariously using WhatsApp to leak information to a local blogger to damage political opponents and of using police resources for political purposes. Now he has been accused by a […]

Spellar recorded shouting ‘abuse’ at blind delegate

John Spellar Labour and Labour First MP John Spellar has been recorded insulting Momentum members – saying that even the term ‘Momentum member’ is an insult – and blocked delegates in 2017 saying it was unacceptable to have Momentum members ‘flooding’ the party’s conference. Spellar was said to have ‘ranted‘ when he was not name-checked […]

WM Police senior officer to council leader: no more using police resources against blogger

Sandwell Council leader Steve Eling, left, and blogger Julian Saunders Last month, the SKWAWKBOX reported on the fiasco when a legal case against the West Midlands blogger known as the Sandwell Skidder was postponed on its first day in court because the court had lost a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service asking for the blogger, […]

Sandwell/Saunders trial descends into farce as council CEO flees cross-examination

The court case scheduled to begin today against blogger Julian Saunders, known locally as the ‘Sandwell Skidder‘, descended into farce today as proceedings were adjourned almost as soon as they began. Mr Saunders has been charged with a public order offence for calling Sandwell Council’s chief executive Jan Britton a c*cksucker and has been representing […]

W Mids Labour staffer who ‘rigged’ candidate interview still in place for selections

Evidence obtained by the SKWAWKBOX showing the ‘rigging’ of a council candidate’s interview illustrates the extent to which Labour’s previous administration in the West Midlands was in thrall to some of the region’s most right-wing MPs. Late last year, a councillor in the region was interviewed for the ‘panel’ – the list of approved applicants […]

The questions Sandwell council won’t answer re key Watson ally housing investigation

In June, the SKWAWKBOX published evidence of the involvement of Sandwell councillor Simon Hackett – an employee and close ally of Labour deputy leader Tom Watson – in a potential breach of laws regulating the allocation of council housing. The council’s housing system recorded Mr Hackett involved in a housing allocation, to a local woman, […]