Huge victory for workers as #CammellLaird shelves redundancy plans

Shipyard workers and their unions have achieved a major victory in their fight to prevent hundreds of redundancies at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside. In a meeting this afternoon the company pulled back from the brink, agreeing to shelve the redundancies for four weeks in exchange for an end to the industrial action, to […]

Efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt 2: the petition

On Wednesday evening, the SKWAWKBOX published evidence of a coordinated campaign on social media to undermine the efforts and credibility of GMB and Unite members at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside as they take action to defend their jobs. The accounts involved are brand new and appear to have sprung up almost exclusively with […]

Coordinated efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt1: Twitter accounts spring up to troll

Union members at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead are united in a rolling strike action to defend their jobs after the company announced plans to make around forty percent of the workforce redundant just after winning a huge £619 million contract. Unions say that the redundancies are part of a move by the shipyard […]

Impact: unions say Cammell ran short of gas even on day 1 of strike as lorries turned back

A Unite picketer and a lorry attempting to enter Unite and GMB members have been picketing the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead since Monday as part of rolling strike action in response to the company’s plan to impose almost three hundred redundancies not long after winning a new £619 million project. That action appears to […]

Cammell Laird workers hold mass walk-out today to defend their jobs

  Workers at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside face the loss of almost three hundred jobs – just after the company won a new £619 million contract. Unions have accused the company of seeking to increase its casualised workforce and pad its profits. Today the shipyard’s union members will show solidarity in a mass […]

Merseyside branch calls for selection rerun as LCF identifies multiple procedural breaches

Liscard on the Wirral Liscard Labour branch in the Merseyside borough of Wirral has called an emergency meeting for next Tuesday after the Local Campaign Forum (LCF) – the Labour body with oversight of council candidate selections – identified a number of breaches of procedure by the campaign team of the sitting councillor. The following […]

Wirral council leader accused of “choreographed political attack” to step down

Phil Davies Wirral council leader Phil Davies has been in and around controversy in the Merseyside borough recently. A council employee close to Davies was revealed as the ‘author’ of a resignation letter supposedly written by a councillor that contained vicious attacks on local Labour members – and Davies himself was listed as the last […]

Left sweeps the board at Birkenhead AGM

The SKWAWKBOX has featured at length the ‘choreographed‘ smears by now-independent MP Frank Field and a string of councillors and local Labour figures. Happily, it seems to be failing to ‘cut through’. At the Birkenhead constituency Labour party (CLP) on Friday night the left swept the board, taking all the executive and officer positions. The […]

#Lab18 second deputy leader motion withdrawn and why

The Labour right and the mainstream media are in lockstep this morning with claims that the motion at Labour’s annual conference to create a second deputy leader position has been withdrawn because the leadership fears a ‘moderate’ winning. It’s pure fantasy – the idea that a SIM (self-identified ‘moderate’) would have the slightest chance of […]

New twist in Wirral smear saga as councillor resigns facing bullying allegations

The national media has been helping to propagate a series of attacks on the Labour left in the Merseyside borough of Wirral, just across the river from the site of Labour’s annual conference that begins this weekend. The saga began with accusations by former regional director Sheila Murphy and encompassed Birkenhead MP Frank Field’s ‘jumped before pushed’ […]