“Labour against Antisemitism” in ‘serious breach of data protection laws’

The group ‘Labour against Antisemitism’ (LAAS), in spite of its name, has no standing with the Labour Party – a fact either missed or ignored by mainstream journalists who wish to portray its various attacks as having some kind of official weight. CLP (constituency Labour party) secretaries have been complaining bitterly on their Facebook forum […]

Smears aren’t working. Labour leads in latest polling

Last night, the SKWAWKBOX published video of 18,000 young people at a festival in Cornwall spontaneously chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ when the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army played during their silent disco. It was a sign that the Establishment’s increasingly-desperate smears are failing. Another sign this morning is the latest polling by BMGResearch shows Labour with […]

There are no ‘Munich terrorists’ in Hamman Chott cemetery

The waters have become so muddied among the slurs and smears thrown by an increasingly desperate Establishment at Jeremy Corbyn about his 2014 visit to a Tunisian cemetery that few have looked at one of the most basic facts of the matter. While Corbyn has said consistently that he was at the cemetery – along […]

Netanyahu attacked over comments that caused outrage in Israel

On Monday evening, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu attacked Jeremy Corbyn for laying a wreath at graves in a Tunisian ceremony. The graves were not of ‘Munich terrorists’, but of Palestinian officials who were killed elsewhere. Netanyahu’s tweet provoked a blistering put-down by Corbyn, who pointed to the Israeli PM’s record of unarmed Palestinians killed and […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s blistering response to Netanyahu is a masterful put-down

Jeremy Corbyn broke his silence on the nonsensical issue a blistering put-down to  Benjamin Netayahu when the Israeli PM made an ill-advised and hypocritical comment on Corbyn’s attendance at a memorial for Palestinians killed in an Israeli bombing raid. Echoing fake news in the UK mainstream media, Netanyahu claimed that Corbyn had laid a wreath […]

Boardmasters festival silent disco: 18,000 sing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’

18,000 festival-goers sing for the Labour leader It has been a summer of relentless smears against Jeremy Corbyn, his team and his supporters as the Establishment desperately tries to bring him down before the Democracy Review rule changes and Labour’s annual conference next month put the party beyond the reach of the Tory-Lites indefinitely. But […]

MSM misreporting Onasanya case – only one charge, not two

The ‘MSM’ (mainstream media) have been reporting that Peterborough Labour MP Fiona Onasanya faced two counts of perverting the course of justice in relation to disputed driving penalty points. In fact, only one charge was filed, as confirmed by Cambridgeshire police: The first hearing of the case takes place from 2pm today. Shoddy MSM reporting that […]