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Welcome to RedZine, a new type of news for the democratic socialist who understands that there’s a very real need for news and comment which hasn’t been doctored or spun by large corporations, lobbyists or pressure groups who are associated with Westminster.

Independent from any other source of news, our stories, articles and comment are submitted by users or have been re-published on our feed from a blog which we have deemed to be of the highest quality of information. Our aim is to provide a huge range of relevant news and information to you, unabated and undiluted by propagandist mass-media.

If you have a story you would like to share with us, please feel free to get in touch and let us know. If you feel confident in writing the story or article, whether it’s a new story, an opinion-piece on a story you’ve read elsewhere or a different slant on a piece of news, then we would welcome you to write the article yourself. If you would prefer someone else to write it for you, but you feel you have something which our readers would be interested by, please feel free to tell us about it and we will work with a copywriter to get your news out there.

We will be adding advertising, which will be relevant and hopefully unobtrusive, to help to monetise this website. Our main aim of this is to generate money, solely from advertising revenue which will be donated to the Labour Party to assist with the campaign against the spiteful, destructive Tories. The only money which will be deducted from this would be a nominal amount to cover the cost of hosting the website. Everything else will be donated to the Labour Party. We will ensure that any revenue generated by this website will be documented for full transparency.

Please be mindful, that in this day and age of so-called “fake news”, we must be able to substantiate our claims and that anything written inaccurately could leave its author liable to prosecution.